Therapeutic Intervention Instructions


Thank you for your interest in the TI process. In order to best serve the needs of your family and the family court, Dr. DiCarlo limits the number of TI cases accepted. Please review the steps below to begin the process.

Step 1

Initial Screening. Although court-appointed Therapeutic Intervention (TI) encompasses a range of therapeutic services, it is most often initiated for therapeutic reunification when parent-child contact problems exist. Dr. DiCarlo uses a structured process that requires a strong commitment by both the interventionist and the parents. Not all cases are appropriate for reunification work or may require a different type of intervention. As such, Dr. DiCarlo requires a conference call with both parents before accepting your case (you may have your legal representatives participate). In general, parents should be prepared to agree to the following conditions:

  1. Contact with both parents is in the best interest of the child(ren);

  2. The parents will work collaboratively with the TI to support the child(ren)’s contact with each parent;

  3. Both parents will engage in appropriate co-parenting based on guidelines provided during the intervention.

Importantly, Dr. DiCarlo’s process is not used to determine if reunification is appropriate, but when and how reunification should occur. If your judge has ordered reunification, it is Dr. DiCarlo’s duty as an appointee of the Court to uphold those orders. If you are uncertain about the appropriateness of reunification between your child(ren) and the other parent, you are encouraged to speak with your attorney about whether or not a TI is appropriate for your family. If you or your co-parent have active Orders Of Protection against the other and are unwilling to agree to provisions to allow for co-parenting communication during the intervention, Dr. DiCarlo’s intervention is not appropriate. Dr. DiCarlo is happy to discuss with your family or your attorneys any resources and steps needed to prepare your family for a successful intervention with Dr. DiCarlo in the future.

If Dr. DiCarlo accepts your case, your judge can issue a formal Order Of Appointment for the intervention. Dr. DiCarlo can assist your attorneys or the Court in pursuing the Order.

Step 2

Consent Agreement & Background Documents. Once Dr. DiCarlo has been formally appointed by the judge, the Court will usually mail a hard copy of the Order to Dr. DiCarlo's office.  It is still the parties' responsibility to make initial contact to begin the process.  Please complete the following informed consent document and background documents and return to Dr. DiCarlo by email, fax, or deliver to the office.

If you prefer a PDF version, please click here.

Step 3

Payment. The Advance Fee (retainer) is $3000.  The Order Of Appointment will specify the fee split for the parties.

Step 4

Scheduling. Once all the documents have been received and the advance fee has been paid in full, Dr. DiCarlo may request a brief teleconference with the attorneys (if represented) to better understand the needs of the family.  Afterwords, Dr. DiCarlo will contact the family to schedule the intake appointments. In most instances, each parent and the child(red) will be met with individually.

It will be helpful to begin anticipating days and blocks of time for recurring appointments.  Dr. DiCarlo typically meets with families once per week.  Please note that late afternoon and early evening appointments tend to book quickly.  Dr. DiCarlo does his best to accommodate families' needs, but sometimes it is necessary for children to miss a portion of school for therapy appointments.  

Dr. DiCarlo strives to make this a cost-effective process for families.  Please be advised that there is often a greater cost on the front end of the TI work.  This results from conducting the individual interviews, reviewing relevant reports or documents, and mapping out a treatment course early in the services.  This frontend planning tends to reduce cost later by making the process more efficient. Dr. DiCarlo will routinely request replenishment of the advance fee in order to maintain funds to perform unscheduled activities, such as writing reports to the Court, providing testimony, and for case management or coordination.