Psychological Evaluation (Private Consultation)


A private consultation may be useful for individuals who are represented by an attorney and wish to obtain an assessment of psychological functioning or to assess other mental health considerations for use in a legal proceeding.  If you are seeking a private consultation psychological evaluation, please use the following instructions.  

Step 1

Confirm Availability.  Please contact Dr. DiCarlo directly to confirm availability and to discuss your time frame needs.

Step 2

Consent Agreement & Background Documents.  Complete the informed consent documents and background documents.  You may return documents by  email, fax, mail, or deliver in-person.

Step 3

Payment. The Advance Fee (retainer) for a psychological evaluation is $2000.  Please follow the link below to submit payment.

Step 4

Scheduling. Once all the documents have been received and the advance fee has been paid in full, please contact Dr. DiCarlo for scheduling.