Psychological Evaluation Instructions


Thank you for your interest in a forensically-informed psychological evaluation with Dr. DiCarlo.  Please read the following instructions to begin.

Step 1

Confirm Availability.  Please contact Dr. DiCarlo directly to confirm availability and to discuss your time frame needs. Dr. DiCarlo does not provide psychological evaluation for minors, but can provide appropriate referrals. If this is by court-appointment, please ensure Dr. DiCarlo has been appointed by your family court judge before proceeding.

Step 2

Consent Agreement & Background Documents.  Complete the informed consent documents and background documents.  You may return documents by  email, fax, mail, or deliver in-person.

Collateral Information: If this is a psychological evaluation in a family court matter, please provide the other party with the following form. Once complete, they should send the completed and signed form to Dr. DiCarlo through their attorney or directly if self-represented.

Step 3

Step 4

Payment. The Advance Fee (retainer) for a psychological evaluation is $2000.  Please follow the link below to submit payment.

Step 5

Scheduling. Once all the documents have been received and the advance fee has been paid in full, please contact Dr. DiCarlo for scheduling.