Parenting Conference Instructions


Dr. DiCarlo uses a structured process to initiate and complete a parenting conference in a manner that minimizes bias and creates an environment conducive to reaching productive agreements. It is therefore important that you carefully read and comply with following  instructions.

Step 1

Court Appointment.  In order to serve your family in this role, Dr. DiCarlo must be appointed by your family court judge.  There are different ways to have a mental health professional appointed.  If you and your co-parent are in agreement to use Dr. DiCarlo, please discuss with your attorney--or if not represented, the Court Clerk--about how to file a stipulation with the court.  If the Court has already ordered this process, but you and your co-parent disagree on which professional to use, you are welcome to submit Dr. DiCarlo's name for consideration.   To assist the Court, you may need to provide a copy of a completed Order Of Appointment:

Step 2

Submit initial documents. Once Dr. DiCarlo has been formally appointed by the judge, the Court will usually mail a hard copy of the Order to Dr. DiCarlo's office.  It is still the parties' responsibility to make initial contact with Dr. DiCarlo to begin the process.  Please complete the following informed consent document and background documents and return to Dr. DiCarlo by email, fax, or deliver to the office:

  • You are not required to wait for the formal Order to submit your initial documents; however, if Dr. DiCarlo is not appointed, the documents will not be retained.

  • You do not need to copy opposing counsel or the other party on your submission of the initial documents.

  • Please do not submit any supplemental documents or exhibits with your initial documents, unless specifically directed to do so.

Step 3

Payment. The parenting conference is a flat fee of $800.  The Order Of Appointment will specify the fee split for the parties.  Each responsible party should pay their designated portion of the fee.  You may pay with cash or check in person, or securely by credit card here:

Step 4

Scheduling. Once all the documents and fees are submitted, Dr. DiCarlo will provide available times for the conference.

Submit additional records/documents for consideration. Each party is allowed to submit up to 100 single-sided pages of supplemental information related to concerns that should be consider during the parenting conference.  The following guidelines must be followed regarding submissions:

  • Submissions should be relevant to the scope and purpose of the parenting conference.

  • Submissions must be sent through your attorney and copied to opposing counsel. If one or both parties are self-represented, items should be sent directly.

  • All submissions for consideration must be received by Dr. DiCarlo and opposing counsel prior to the start of the parenting conference meeting.

  • Submissions made during or after the conference will not be considered; however, Dr. DiCarlo may request that parties submit additional information or records following the conference based on data obtained during the conference.

  • Examples of acceptable submissions include, but are not limited to, DCS records, police reports, school/academic/attendance records, behavioral health records, medical records, psychological evaluations, previous parenting conference reports, agreements, emails, text messages, and photographs.

  • If audio or video files are to be submitted, they must be accompanied by a full transcript and provided in a universal file format, such as .mp4 (the items do not have to be professionally transcribed, but must be provided to the other party for examination with the other items).

Step 5