Private Parenting Conferences


A parenting conference is a non-confidential process to assist the court in collecting information to determine appropriate orders regarding legal decision-making and parenting time in the best interest of the child.  The Parenting Conference considers the relevant factors within A.R.S. §25-403.

Did you know that if you are ordered by the court to participate in a parenting conference through Conciliation Services of the Maricopa Superior Court, you can request the same with a private provider instead?  A private parenting conference offers many potential advantages, including:

  • Doctoral-level, licensed psychologist
  • Advanced training in forensic psychology
  • Experienced in contested custody and divorce issues
  • Extensive experience with families and children
  • Compassionate, ethical, and professional


A typical parenting conference includes a three hour joint meeting with the parents in which significant issues or concerns are identified.  If necessary, the chlid(ren) are interviewed and relevant collateral records are reviewed.  The desired outcome is for parents to reach a shared, reasonable agreement with regard to parenting time and/or legal decision-making; however, if the agreement does not appear to be in the best interest of the child or a fair agreement cannot be achieved in the time allotted, the final report to the court will reflect any concerns and considerations needed for the judge to make a final decision in the child's best interest.  A typical report, assuming full cooperation and availability of the parties, is produced within 30 days of the provider's appointment by the judge.

The parenting conference is charged as a flat fee $800, which includes the following:

  • Up to three-hour in-person conference with the parents
  • Child interviews (if applicable)
  • Report writing
  • Review of up to 100 single-sided pages of relevant documents from each party