Evaluations can be done on a private basis or forensically, such as when requested by the court or an attorney to aid in a legal proceeding.  Evaluations can range from a general psychological evaluation pertaining to just one individual, to complex and comprehensive evaluations that require participation from an entire family and may take many months.  Depending on your specific circumstances, Dr. DiCarlo may need to be appointed by your judge to conduct the evaluation. Feel free to learn about the different types of evaluation service provided below.


Comprehensive Family Evaluation

$250 per hour | $10,000  Advance Fee


A court-ordered, in-depth study conducted to assist the court in making parenting time and legal decision-making findings and orders.  

A typical evaluation may consist of clinical interviews with the caregivers, child(ren), and relevant collaterals; psychological testing; home visits; reviewing records; and observations.  A Comprehensive Family Evaluation can be useful in high conflict, disputed custody cases, especially if complex or multiple concerns arise about child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, substance abuse, or the psychological adjustment of a caregiver is in question.

Focused Assessment

$250 per hour  |  $4,000 Advance Fee


A court-ordered, limited scope evaluation to assist the court in answering one or two focused questions  pertaining to one or more family members in a family court matter.  

Focused Assessments are narrower in breadth compared to a Comprehensive Family Evaluation, and may be limited to clinical interviews, interaction observations, and reviewing records.  In some cases, psychological testing may be performed.  A Focused Assessment does not include specific recommendations regarding legal decision-making or parenting time schedules, as a full analysis of relevant factors is not performed.

Adult Psychological Evaluation

$2,000 Advance Fee | Price may vary


A psychological evaluation may be obtained to answer specific questions about an individual's mental health or psychological functioning.  A typical evaluation consists of an in-person clinical interview, psychological testing using empirically supported measures, and a review of pertinent records or collateral information.  Dr. DiCarlo's forensically informed approach will result in a balanced and comprehensive report, whether you choose to use the information privately, to guide future treatment, or for court proceedings.  A typical psychological evaluation may take 2-6 weeks, depending on the accessibility of relevant information and availability of the individual.  If indicated, the report will suggest a DSM-5 diagnosis, as well as relevant and practical treatment recommendations.